Best Malay Wedding Photographer - TOP 20

Malaysian Wedding Photographer (MWP) just announced the top 20 Best Malay Wedding Photographer in Malaysia. I'm happy to see those list because some of them are their first time being listed (and of course they are good enough to be listed) and some of them 'otai' already. No doubt about their 'creativeness'! They are really the best among the best. I personally been working with few names in the list, Im so proud of you guys! Keep it up!

Let's start from the bottom:

20) Amir Naufal Photography
19) Atelier Porto
18) Eddie Photovideo
17) Mangotouch
16) Peveyhack Photography
15) Pretty Peektures
14) Project2pi
13) Projectxcs
12) Rahim Isam
11) SBXS
10) Sixuca Photography
09) Sweetpictures
08) Saifulchin / Teddyfilm
07) The V
06) The Wedding Associates
05) Tied The Knot
04) Wedlocx
02) WSVS
01) Yeirkif Abdullah

Till then, lets wait for the list for the Top 20 videographer in Malaysia. I hope there will be one. hehe


  1. My husband and I could not be happier with our decision to hold our wedding at this place. We had a fusion wedding at wedding venues NYC, which was complex and involved many moving parts, and we were in expert hands with their manager, our day-of coordinator (as well as the rest of the staff).


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